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Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Industry Co.,Ltd

    Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Industry Co., Ltd(GRI) is the only elevator manufacturer specialized in elevator, escalator, moving walks and relevant components, which is both state-owned and publicly listed in Chinese elevator field. GRI was founded in 1956, and has been developing for 61 years. In 2016, we just successfully celebrated our 60's anniversary. In 1973, GRI started to set foot in elevator business, until now, GRI has accumulated experience for 44 years, which is the oldest elevator company and witness development history of Chinese elevator field.

    With over 44 years experience accumulation, GRI is a professional supplier for elevator, escalator, moving walks and relevant components, and integrates product R&D, design and manufacture, sell, installation, maintenance, technical training, after-sales all in one service. In addition, GRI has sufficient product species, including Mini-machine room elevator, machine roomless elevator, panoramic elevator, bed lift, freight lift, home lift, high-speed elevator, escalator, moving walks, etc, which can totally meet different requirement.

    In 2009, the largest elevator production base-GRI industry park was finished and put into operation, whose occupied area is 300,000 SQM, and annual output can reach 80,000units. Most importantly, above 80 % of the components are produced by GRI independently, especially main parts such as Motors, Door operators, Controllers, Guide rails, Cables, Wires, etc, which can guarantee product quality, spare parts supply and fast delivery.

    Until the end of 2016, there are over 300,000 units of GRI product in service worldwide, and approximate 30,000units of GRI products come into market annually, which takes the lead in elevator field. And now, we are dedicated to promote overseas market share, and looking for cooperators worldwide.


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Brands : Guangri

No. of Employees : 4000~4500

Annual Sales : 400 million-700 million

Year Established : 1956

Export p.c : 70% - 80%

Company History

In 1956, Guangzhou Metal Structure Plant, the predecessor of Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Industry Co., Ltd(GRI), was founded, which was dedicated to provide fuel tank for military.

In 1973, GRI started to set foot in elevator business. Until now, GRI has been in elevator field for 44 years.

In 1976, eight elevator companies were nominated to produce elevator by government. But now, GRI is the only one left with glorious achievement.

In 1982, as a pineer, GRI started technology cooperation with Hitachi.

In 1988, by adopting variable-frequency technology into elevator design and manufacture, GRI elevator got approvel to subsititute import product by government.

In 1993, Golden Star Award was issued to GRI for three times consecutively.

In 1994, GRI successfully introduced most advanced technology from Hitachi to produce escalator, which won National Customer Satisfaction Award.

In 1995, Hitachi Guangzhou Co., Ltd was cofounded with GRI.

In 1996, Product Quality Exemption Certificate was issued to GRI by Guangzhou Technology & Quality Supervision Bureau.

In 1999, GRI was renamed as Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Industry Co.,Ltd.

In 2000, GRI adopted Japanese advanced technology and started to develop, design and manufacture intelligent parking system.

In 2001, GRI was qualified by TUV Rheinland Germany of international standard certificates, including ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:1996, OHSAS18001:1999.

In 2002, the upgraded Guangri Elevator was granted a national production license for industrial product manufacture by the State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine.

In 2003, based on previous technology absorption and making improvement, GRI took the lead to adopt gearless permanent magnet synchronous technology into elevator design and manufacturing, which has becoming the most popular technology nowadays.

In 2009, GRI Industry Park, with occupied landing area of 300,000SQM, and annual output reaching 40,000units, was finished and put into operation, which is the largest production base in China.

In 2010, GRI took the lead to adopt hybrid solar-power technology into design and manufacture of home elevators and fireman elevators.

In 2012, Guangri Stock Co., Ltd, the group company of GRI elevator, was publicly listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange A, which is a recognition by financial market.

In 2013, GRI completed the national industrialization layout.

In 2014, G.Qik high-speed elevator came into market.

In 2014, GRI elevator museum, the first elevator museum in Chinese elevator field, was established.

In 2015, GRI established the national laboratory for elevator and escalator.

In 2016, GRI 60’s anniversary was held successfully.


Company Service

Today in the face of service-based manufacturing , we at Guangri Elevator always believe the concept of " service creating value". Therefore we have established a perfect engineering service network and service system both at home and abroad to provide our professional guidance services ranging from installation, maintenance, repair, engineering innovation, construction, and training while committed to becoming Guangri experts in elevator engineering and services.



Guangri Elevator always brings the idea of environmental protection and technological innovation through the entire development course by making use of clean energy to power up the equipment in a way to respond to the globally- advanced low carbon life philosophy.

With the excellent performance of Greenmax elevator, Guangri Elevator has once again successfully applied the permanent magnetic synchronization technology to automatic escalators. The patent of permanent magnetic variable-frequency technology and gearless drive for GreenMin escalator makes it possible to take the lead in the same industry for its advantages in energy-saving .





Company Team

At Guangri, we always believe that to provide customers with the latest technology and best services, it's imperative to consolidate your own strength, vigorously develop and strength such processes as hardware, management, sales, and service and so on. As everything begins from talents, we take the growth of our staff and workers as the motive force for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and we regularly hold labor contests such as " Innovation for the Best" and " Ankang (Safety and Health) Cup" to encourage the staff and workers to keep on learning and improving their professional skills. With a management mode focused on the promotion of talents without sticking to one pattern and providing humane care to the employees, we enable them to grow and make common progress with the enterprise in the warm big family of Guangri.


As an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, we at Guangri Elevator, in collaboration with colleges and universities, run school courses on a joint venture basis with them and have gradually established echelon training system for undergraduate-college secondary school students so as to be able to inject fresh blood to the company continuously while at the same time cultivating technical talents and promoting a harmonious society.




Address: No.2 of KeXin Road TianHe District, Guangzhou

Factory Address:No. 636, South of GuoMao Road, Shilou County, Panyu District, Guangzhou